Cynthia Noemi Baeza Elizalde

Cynthia-FunPhotoMSc. Student, Water and Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

BSc., Chemical Engineering, University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP), Puebla, Mexico


Cynthia Baeza was  a student in the Water and Environmental Engineering Program at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology working in Prof. Arafat’s MSDR group. During her chemical engineering undergraduate studies, she specialized in chemical processes. She also worked for a while on a ceramics project, developing a study on the use of wollastonite and fire clay in a clay mixture to decrease the absorption of water in pottery pieces in order to improve their quality. In addition, she worked with a group of students on the control of a wastewater treatment plant at her university; all the wastewater originating on campus was sent to the treatment plant for aerobic biological treatment in a sequencing batch reactor, and afterwards it was sent to an artificial swamp to receive further treatment by water plants so that later on the water could be reused for the irrigation system of the university. She also spent a summer with the company Living Water International, learning about the situation of water in some parts of Mexico. Currently she is looking to extend her knowledge on water purification. During her free time, Cynthia likes reading novels, watching movies and taking long walks.