Lin Li

Lin Li-photoMSc. Water and Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE
B.S.E., Material Science & Engineering, Shandong University, China


Lin was an MSc student in Prof. Arafat’s group. She graduated in 2013. Her research focused on the development of electrospun eco-efficient poly (lactic acid) (PLA) membranes for membrane distillation and microfiltration. Membrane distillation is a promising technique which can be coupled with solar energy and waste heat. Due to the hydrophobicity and biodegradability of PLA materials, electrospun PLA membranes are potential candidates for membrane distillation. Lin put much effort into the post heat treatment of electrospun membranes, modifying their mechanical strength and the corresponding pore size range. Annealing treatment and hot pressing were employed and the results of these processes were compared to one another as part of the development of suitable treatment process to obtain membrane distillation membranes.

For extracurricular activities, Lin is interested in cooking, yoga and traveling.



L. Li, R. Hashaikeh, H.A. Arafat, Development of eco-efficient micro-porous membranes via the electrospinning and annealing of poly (lactic acid), Journal of membrane science, 436 (2013) 57-67.

L. Li, R. Hashaikeh, H.A. Arafat, Preparation of biodegradable poly (lactic acid) electrospun membrane with decreased pore size by post heat treatment, oral presentation, 2nd International conference on Advanced Material Engineering & Technology (ICAMET 2013), 28-29 November 2013, Bandung, Indonesia

L. Li, R. Hashaikeh, H.A. Arafat, Development of new eco-efficient micro-porous membranes for membrane distillation via electrospinning of poly (lactic acid), oral presentation, 1st International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology, 7-10 April 2013, Sitges, Spain