Savvina Loutatidou


MSc., Water and Environmental Engineering, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

BSc. Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece


Savvina Loutatidou was a research engineer in the i-Water lab at Masdar Institute. Her main projects  focused on the economic analysis of solar desalination, fabrication of novel membranes for fouling mitigation, and membrane water treatment with photo catalysis.

Savvina graduated in 2015, earning a MSc. in Water and Environmental Engineering from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Her thesis, which she worked on under Prof. Arafat’s supervision, focused on the effect of certain forms of renewable energy (e.g. solar power) on the cost of the water produced, when used to drive desalination. The research explored the utilization of various renewable energy plant and desalination plant configurations with the objective of achieving economic feasibility coupled with environmental sustainability for the future production of desalinated water. In order to address the differences between the energy demands of water desalination and renewable energy availability, direct and indirect coupling through the grid of the renewable energy producer and the desalination unit were taken into account along with energy and water storage. This helped address the differences between renewable energy availability and water demand throughout the year. For her work, Savvina was awarded the Masdar Institute Best Thesis Award for the Water and Environmental Engineering Program.

Savvina believes that “green” solutions should be offered at the most reasonable cost which would ultimately accelerate their implementation as the world economy transitions from being capital-maximizing centric to being environmental impact-minimizing centric. She is also interested in the finance of water treatment.

During her free time, Savvina likes to listen to music, read novels and explore the city of Abu Dhabi.


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Loutatidou, S., Chalermthai, B., Marpu, P. R., & Arafat, H. A. (2014). Capital cost estimation of RO plants: GCC countries versus southern Europe. Desalination, 347, 103–111. doi:10.1016/j.desal.2014.05.033

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